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This is the new model with zipperless design feature. For the prior version with a zipper refer to SKU: GGARSC

The Arctic is one of the warmest shoe covers available on the market and ideal for very cold winter days. It is made from 4 mm waterproof neoprene with a hollow fiber lining and offers maximum thermal insulation.

The Arctic incorporates the EUROBIKE Award winning technology; IntelliSeal™. An ingenious technology that greatly enhances the durability, fit and water resistance of shoe covers.

The Arctic shoe cover features the new zipperless shoe cover design, that gives a perfect and snug fit around the shoe and calf, so water is kept out from the top and preventing water from penetrating through a zipper.

Recommended for road shoes. Compatible with most types of pedal systems.


  • With just your socks on, start by pulling up the shoe cover with your foot through the cuff. Pull the shoe cover up to about halfway up your calf
  • Keeping the shoe cover rolled up, put on your cycling shoes and tighten them to your preferred fit
  • Roll down the shoe cover and fit it around the shoe; fitting the cover around the toe box of the shoe first, and then the heel
  • Ensure the shoe cover has a firm and evenly distributed fit around the sole of the shoe, and that the shoe cover is not stuck on any closure mechanisms on the cycling shoe
  • Tighten and close the velcro strap underneath your sole
  • Get out and ride!