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Ordering FAQ'S

How will my order be delivered?

Our orders are delivered via standard Australia Post eParcel shipping. When we have shipped your order, you will receive an email with your Tracking Number. You can track the delivery status of your order at: If you didn't receive your confirmation or shipping email please check your email's Junk Folder.

Can I have my parcel delivered to a business address?

Yes! If you are having your item posted to a business address, please include the business name on your order.

What if I am not there to accept my parcel?

All orders require a signature on delivery. If no-one is able to sign for the package then a card will be left at the address, indicating where the parcel can be collected from (usually the nearest Australia Post outlet).

If you wish to have your parcel left at your shipping address if you are not home, that’s OK with us but no responsibility will be taken for missing items. You may want to send it to a business address instead, just don’t forget to include the business name!

Did you receive my order?

We will email a confirmation of the order placed online immediately, make sure to check your email's Junk Folder. If you have not received this, please contact us on

How long will it take to receive my order?

Dependent on your location, standard delivery will be made from 1-7 business days and can take longer during holiday periods. Express Shipping can be selected at the Checkout page!


How do I choose the right size board?

Check out oursizing guide.

How do I know what deck to choose?

Different skateboard deck shapes and widths are used for different styles of skateboarding, but if you're just starting out, we recommend choosing a deck width slightly narrower than the length of your foot. The most common shape is the "popsicle".

We could give you all the advice in the world, but the best is always going to be what feels most comfortable for you. Try out some different sizes and see what feels best for you.

Check out the skateboard decks we sell here.

What is a wheelbase?

The distance between your trucks. It varies based on your board's length i.e. a longer board will have a longer wheelbase.

Why do decks have different concaves?

This comes down to personal preference too. Some people find it easier to do tricks with deeper concaves, some with shallower.

How do I know what wheels to choose?

Skateboard wheels vary in diameter, which is measured in millimeters, and their hardness, measured on a scale called durometer. Depending on what kind of skating you enjoy, you should consider these two variables as they will influence the way your skateboard rides.

The most common range for street and park skating is between 50mm and 60mm, while wheels larger than 60mm are usually used on longboards or cruisers. Smaller wheels (50mm to 54mm) are slower and more prone to getting caught on cracks or rocks, but are preferred by street or technical skaters due to less weight and increased ease for technical tricks. Larger wheels allow the skateboarder to go faster and avoid cracks, but increase weight. Beginners should start with a wheel in the middle of the range, ~54-55 mm.

Wheels also vary in their hardness. Wheel durometer, or hardness, is generally rated on a scale called “Durometer A Scale” with hardness ratings from 1-100A, 100A being the hardest.

Softer Skateboard Wheels ( <88a to 95a ) are great for skateboarding on rough surfaces. They aren’t appropriate for technical or street skateboarding, as the grip and softness of the wheel reduces the ability to pop the board off the ground and perform tricks. These wheels are frequently used on boards meant for easy cruising, or by filmers that want a smoother, more stable ride.

Harder Skateboard Wheels ( 95a to 100a ) are most common for street or technical skateboarding. These wheels have less friction and ride faster. Wheels of this durometer are versatile and work well in the most common skating areas such as street, park, or vert.

How do I know what bearings to choose?

Bearings are all manufactured in the same size which makes the process of buying bearings simpler - any bearing will fit any wheel. Bearings fit inside the wheels and allow them to spin with less friction and greater speed. Differences in bearings include the quality of construction and the speed rating of the bearings themselves.

Industrial ball bearings are rated on a scale called ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineer's Committee) factor, which establishes dimensions, tolerances, geometry, and noise standards in an attempt to aid industrial bearing manufacturers and users in the production, comparison and selection of bearings for general applications, on a scale of 1,3,5,7, and 9. Because the ABEC system was not intended as a rating system for skateboard bearings, it should not be treated as a measure of quality for skateboard bearings.

Should I use riser pads?

Riser pads are used to protect the skater from dreaded “wheel bite” (your wheels contacting the deck of the skateboard and provoking a crash). Not everyone needs riser pads, and if you are rolling around on wheels less than 54mm or 55mm, you should be fine. But riser pads add additional benefits, such as reduced stress on the skateboard deck by distributing pressure efficiently. It's really up to you.

How do I know what size trucks to choose?

Ideal truck size (axle width) is the width from one edge of your board to the other. The majority of trucks are produced to be suitable for most 7.5” to 9” + deck widths.

Trucks are available in varying heights and each is better suited for various skateboarding styles. In general there are LOW, MID, and HIGH trucks.


Best suited for flip tricks and providing extra stability, this truck height goes well with smaller wheels to reduce chances of wheel bite (when your wheels hit the under side of your deck). This is also good for beginners because of the lower center of gravity.


Best for skateboarding in the streets or at a park. Very versatile. This truck height is the most common for all around skateboarding.


This height is utilized by skaters mainly interested in cruising or carving and those less focused on flip tricks.

What mounting hardware should I choose?

Hardware comes in sets of 8 bolts and 8 nuts. The most common sizes of hardware are 7/8” (for use with no risers) and 1” (for 1/8” risers). These sizes of hardware should be sufficient to assemble most skateboard set-ups. If you're using riser pads with a height larger than 1/8”, then longer hardware sets may be required. They come in both phillips and allen.

What grip tape should I choose?

Most grip tape manufacturers make a standardized size, so again this comes down to personal preference.

What are bushings?

Bushings are rubber pads between the kingpin (the threaded bolt that holds the bushings to the truck hanger) and the hanger (the part that grinds) on a truck. There are 2 bushings per truck. Harder bushings are stiffer and turn less easily but produce more energy, giving a springier return to center or more resistance for pumping. Softer bushings absorb energy and impact, making turning easier.

Should I use rail savers?

Other than giving your deck some sweet old school style, rail savers give your deck a lot advantages:

- They protect your deck and graphic from impacts and slides.

- They give you a stable sliding platform that is flatter than the natural curve of a skate deck.

- They provide you with some grip for tweaks and methods.

Like most things with choosing a skateboard, this comes down to personal preference

How should I take care of my skateboard?

- Make sure to keep it in moderate temperatures as much as possible.

- Don't leave it in a hot car or in a cold, damp garage. These conditions can lead to warping or mold.

- Keep it away from water as much as possible.

- Your bearings will accumulate dirt rapidly, so make sure you clean them regularly and re-apply bearing grease.

- Keep your grip tape clean.

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