KSCo. Bearings

Killer Speed Co. was developed for the core skateboarder who needs quality components to level up. Driven by personal development and leaning into discomfort, The Killer Speed Co. persona reflects those partake in progression. Distinguish yourself from the rest - Live Faster.

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Which Bearings Are Right For Me?

Choosing new skateboard bearings can be a daunting experience, with so many options and technical terms to filter through, how can you tell what’s...

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Bearing Maintenance

The more you skate, the more dust and dirt gets into your bearings. To maximise their lifespan and keep ‘em spinning fast ‘n’ free, it’s important to properly clean and maintain your...

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ABEC & Bearing Materials

The ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) Rating is a system intended to measure physical limits and manufacturing tolerances in fast spinning machinery, the higher the ABEC...

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