Podium Supply Co. is driven by a single core principle:
Is what we are doing having a positive impact on skateboarding and promoting a positive skate experience?
This is what we are about and defines the path we follow.
We develop and manufacture products that assure a positive skate experience from your first push through to giving our professional team riders the quality and performance they need keep progressing.
Actively promoting skateboarding development through our brands since 1999. Podium Supply Co., founded and run by skateboarders, has grown organically over the past 20 years through its strong relationship, with its team riders, industry network  and skate family.
Your support allows us to best support skate communities and skate culture. Meeting the unique needs of our projects and adapting to their visions and ambitions. Profits from Podium brands go towards developing and uplifting skateboarding.

Podium Supply Co. Support Make Life Skate Life