40 Series Tapered Assembly Zs56/28.6/H8-Zs56/40 Black (Baa2202K)

$153.92 AUD

40 Series Tapered Assembly ZS56/28.6/H8|ZS56/40 BLACK (BAA2202K)

Durability And Value
Cane Creek’s 40-Series sets the standard for performance, durability and value. Drawing from the premium 110-Series design, the 40-Series includes all the features necessary for a durable, lightweight, long-lasting headset.

We make it easier, by developing consistent graphics, interchangeable parts and over 40 con?gurations to meet almost every size need. Sold in straight and tapered assemblies or tops & bottoms, tops are available in either short (9mm) or tall (15mm) stack height bearing covers. Precision engineered by Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC.

NOTE: if we are showing as sold out on any models of complete 40 series headsets, please check availability of individual halves. ie: Top ZS56/28.6 (BAA0912K) and Bottom ZS56/40 (BAA0090K)

Additional information
Cups and Covers    
6061 T-6 Aluminum Internally relieved to reduce weight

Tall and short aluminum and carbon covers offered on many IS and ZS models

Crown Race    
Durable steel crown races

Dependable zinc coated, sealed bearings

Bearing compatibility
EC30 will take a 38mm bearing
EC34 will take a 41mm bearing
ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing
ZS49 will take a 41mm bearing
EC44/40 will take a 52mm bearing
EC44/33 will take a 47mm bearing
EC49 will take a 52mm bearing
ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing
ZS62 will take a 52mm bearing
IS41 will take a 41mm bearing
IS42 will take a 42mm bearing
IS52 will take a 52mm bearing

All complete Cane Creek headset assemblies (top or bottom) will use a 36×45 degree contact angle bearing, with the exception of our IS47/33 and EC44/33 headset assemblies. IS47/33 and EC44/33 will use a 45×45 degree contact angle bearing.

Interlok® spacer compatible

Clip Seal    
Innovative Clip-Seal completely seals the top assembly and captures the compression ring to reduce the number of loose parts

Face Seal    
High-quality, low friction face seals on the crown races

Stack Heights    
External Cup (EC) — 16mm top, 12mm bottom,

ZeroStack (ZS) — 8mm or 15mm top, 4mm bottom,

Integrated (IS) — 9mm or 15mm top, 1mm bottom