10-Series Zerostack 44Mm 1-1/8In Zs44/28.6-Zs44/30 Short Top Black (Zbaa0058K)

$93.86 AUD $104.99

Technical Description - ZS44/28.6 - ZS44/30

Top Type ZS - ZeroStack

Top Head Tube Inside Diameter - 44.00mm

Stem Clamp Diameter - 28.6mm

Top Stack Height - 8mm

Top Bearing Type Black Oxide Bottom Type ZS - ZeroStack

Bottom Head Tube Inside Diameter - 44.00mm

Crown Race Seat Diameter - 30.015mm

Crown Race Type - Polymer, Sealed

Bottom Stack Height - 4mm

Bottom Bearing Type Black Oxide Material - 6061

Weight - 62.79g

Part Number - BAA0058K

The 10-Series has the look and feel of Cane Creek’s class-leading 40-Series headsets with simpler machining and more economical materials. Designed with the upgrade path in mind, the 10-Series shares the internal geometry of Cane Creek’s higher-end headsets and, as a result, replacement and upgrade parts are readily available. 10-Series Features:

Cups and Covers - 6061-T6 Aluminum

Crown Race - Sealed, lightweight polymer crown race

Compression Ring - Lightweight polymer compression ring

Interlok® - Interlok® spacer compatible

Compatibility Internal parts are cross-compatible across the 10, 40 and 110-series Stack Heights Consistent top and bottom stack heights across 10, 40 and 110-series Traditional – 16mm top, 12mm bottom ZeroStack™ – 8mm or 15mm top, 4mm bottom Integrated – 9mm or 15mm top, 1mm bottom available fits: complete ZS44 – ZS44 8mm Cover (ZeroStack™ 1-1/8” Standard) ZS44 – ZS44 15mm Cover (ZeroStack™ 1-1/8” Standard) TR34 – TR34 (Traditional 1-1/8” Standard) TR49 – TR49 (Traditional 1.5” Standard)