Now embedded into skate culture and it’s eclectic aesthetic, the humble hat can provide protection from the harsh Australian sun as well as some flair to the ‘fit. The Cancer Council Australia recommends broader brimmed, higher coverage hats for sun protection when the UV index is 3 or above, however these may not be the most suitable hat styles for the physical involvement that skateboarding requires.

Flat and curved peak caps (whether fitted or snapback) are the most popular type for skaters all over the world, it provides a decent middle-ground of sun protection and not getting in the way of your tricks, as well as coming in tonnes of different colours, panel styles and graphics to suit any skater in any situation.

Disclaimer: Hats are no substitute for a helmet, and if fallen on can do more damage than not wearing a hat at all. Although it remains up to the individual rider’s discretion, it is highly recommended that you wear a helmet when trying tricks that could lead to head injury, a safe skater is a happy skater!

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