RAD Drop Through Longboard Skateboards

The RAD Board Co. personifies the wild & energetic California skate culture of the 80’s and 90’s.
Inspired by the bold and creative formative years of skating, RAD Board Co. connects with this adventurous spirit in search of fun, thrill-seeking expression and community.

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Profile: Drop Through Longboard

Our biggest cruiser board is suitable for teens and adults. Control and balance is enhanced further by the cutaway that allows the inverted trucks...

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Choosing The Right Skateboard

On this page we’ll break down the components of all of our complete street, park and cruiser boards to give you an understanding of the quality...

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Customizing Your Complete

Complete Skateboards are delivered pre-built and ready to roll straight away! This is an ideal time for you to find your own skate style, familiarize yourself...

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