$129.99 AUD $299.00

Construction & Materials

- Size: L: 32.125” | W: 8.25” | WB: 14.25”
- Trucks: 5.25”
- Wheels: 52mm x 31mm | P-17mm / 100A hardness
- Bearings: ABEC-7

Materials Overview:
Deck: Prime Grade 100% USA Hardrock Maple Deck Construction
Glue: Ultra Bond Glue for better impact absorption and durability
Trucks: Aircraft grade aluminium, hollow kingpins Ogre trucks for lighter and tighter turns
Wheels: Premium Urethane, 100A hardness with 17mm patch
Bushings: High Rebound Urethane with more responsive turns and truck performance
Bearings: Custom LOCOS ABEC-7 bearings with spacers
Grip-tape: High Adhesive, Perforated Anti-Bubble technology
Note: Completes come with artist hangtag and OG California Locos sticker

The BEATBOX street complete is built with 7-ply, 100% hard rock USA maple construction.
This board has a unique square shape featuring a 14.25” wheelbase with medium concave, perfect for beginners and professional riders alike.
Featuring original artwork by Mister Cartoon laid over a gold foil background. Our LOCOS metal badge is inlayed directly into the wood, while Mister Cartoon’s signature is laser etched for a raw look and feel.
The aircraft grade aluminium, hollow kingpin trucks are both ultra-light and durable, idea for both beginner and professional riders alike.
The top of the board uses die-cut, anti-bubble grip-tape, keeping the edges clean, and features laser-etched custom logos.