How Skateboard Bushings Work

Your bushings play a pretty key component in how your trucks work, and more importantly how they feel while you’re skating.

Each truck has 2 bushings sandwiched between the truck’s main metal components along the kingpin, allowing the truck to turn and rebound straight.

Skate bushings are made of polyurethane (PU) much like skateboard wheels, and are measured on the same durometer scale of hardness.

Depending on the many factors of a skater such as age, height, weight, board width, truck width, style of skateboarding, and just plain old personal preference you might want softer or harder bushings to have your riding experience feel the way you want.

What Skateboard Bushings Should I Get?

All skateboard trucks come with bushings as standard, and they will generally have a specific durometer for the size/application of that type of truck, but this doesn’t always work for the skater in the end, and as bushings can come in barrel or cone shapes across a broad range of DU it’s good to have an idea on which way to go if your standard bushings aren’t right for you.

If you find that you’re having to tighten your trucks too much to have the firmness and tougher response you want, swapping to harder bushings (92A+) will bring that experience to life and extend the life of your kingpin.

If you want a smoother, easier to turn ride then >90A could be more suitable for you.

Pivot Trucks & Bushings

Each of our Pivot truck sizes have custom calculated bushing durometers to best suit the riders average weight and size, providing better control and skate experience.

Truck Size 5" (7" to 7.75" Deck Size)
5.25" (7.8" to 8" Deck Size)
5.5" (8.1" to 8.5" Deck Size)
Bushing Durometer 88A 90A 92A
Bushing Colour Red Blue White
If the standard DU doesn’t work for you, our Bushings Sets and Rebuild Kits give you the flexibility to dial in your setup the way you want it!

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