You mightn’t think twice about socks for skateboarding but there’s a few benefits of purpose-made skate socks or even a general sport sock over the more basic fashion-focused styles.

Skate socks are made to give a bit more comfort and support, especially on the footbed where the remaining impact is transferred to your body, looking out for socks with padded heel/toe sections can generally improve impact diffusion and avoid bruises.

Long socks (knee or crew height) give further protection from shin injuries and can provide comparative warmth to ankle socks - the difference between copping a skateboard to the shin through socks vs. bare skin is pretty substantial!

Our range of Fallen Footwear socks feature a crew height, jacquard logo, padded toe and heel for shock absorption, instep ribbing to stop sock slip and are made from 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester & 5% Elastane for stretch, breathability and durability. Shop Fallen Socks today!

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