Ideal truck size (axle width) is the width from one edge of your board to the other. The majority of trucks are produced to be suitable for most 7.5” to 9” + deck widths.

Trucks are available in varying heights and each is better suited for various skateboarding styles. In general there are LOW, MID, and HIGH trucks.


Best suited for flip tricks and providing extra stability, this truck height goes well with smaller wheels to reduce chances of wheel bite (when your wheels hit the under side of your deck). This is also good for beginners because of the lower center of gravity.


Best for skateboarding in the streets or at a park. Very versatile. This truck height is the most common for all around skateboarding.


This height is utilized by skaters mainly interested in cruising or carving and those less focused on flip tricks.

Pivot Trucks come in a mid-sized height that’s ideal for all terrains, helping to reduce wheel bite, enable tighter, more responsive turning and rebound with long life PU cast bushings and pivot cups. A quality hollow alloy kingpin sheds some weight but retains the necessary strength with a solid 5mm baseplate suitable for use with or without risers.

Size Guide;
Truck Size 5" (7" to 7.75" Deck Size)
5.25" (7.8" to 8" Deck Size)
5.5" (8.1" to 8.5" Deck Size)
Bushing Durometer 88A 90A 92A
Bushing Colour Red Blue White

Each truck size has custom calculated bushing durometers to best suit the riders average weight and size, providing better control and skate experience.

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