Any ol’ backpack can be used for skateboarding, whether you’re geared up for a skate session or just shredding from A to B it’s good to have some supplies with you like a T-Tool, water to stay hydrated, spare parts/hardware to keep you rolling on the go and if you’re more safety-minded, helmet & pads too. There are a few design features that can make purpose built skate backpacks more suitable to skateboarding and wherever else in life you take it.

From our range of Fallen Footwear backpacks both the Melrose and Board Backpacks feature an Internal laptop compartment, making them versatile for work or school as well as skateboarding. Side mesh pocket/s for quick-access to a water bottle or a bluetooth speaker.

Adjustable padded shoulder straps to reduce fatigue and distribute the load weight, Built in adjustable straps on the front as a skateboard holder and interior organization compartments.

If you don’t need a full-sized backpack all the time, the Dusty pack is a smaller-format cross-body / bumbag / waistpack to fit your on-the-go essentials like t-tool, charger, wax and even a small drink bottle.

How do I carry my skateboard on my backpack?

The Fallen Footwear Melrose and Board Bag both come with built in straps on the front to secure your board when you aren’t riding it, if you already have a backpack that doesn’t have this convenience you can use a couple of octopus / bungee cords, lanyards or even spare shoelaces to secure your board to the outer of the bag - alternatively the old-school way of putting your board through the shoulder straps with the grip facing towards the backpack should get the job done for you.

Time for an upgrade? Check out our range of skate bags & backpacks to find your right fit.

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