Cruising has recently become one of the most popular forms of skateboarding. From laid back beachfront cruising to fast, zippy city commutes, cruiser boards provide something for everyone of any ability. Cruiser boards are easily maneuverable making them the ideal skateboard for transport, exercise, relaxation and self-expression.

The best cruiser boards provide riders with a smooth ride for long periods of time without stopping or slowing down. Cruiser boards are typically longer than a standard skateboard but shorter than a full length longboard. A wide deck and wheelbase allows you to travel faster, longer and with a more relaxed control than traditional skateboards.

Our cruiser boards have wheels that are bigger and softer than traditional skateboards, which help you navigate cracks in sidewalks and uneven terrain. Our oil-lubricated ABEC 7 bearings will let you roll longer without slowing down.

Cruising requires balance and coordination and each cruiser board will give you a different cruising experience.

  • For fast, pumping and carving through your turns like you are barrelling through a wave, go for the Retro Roller
  • More laid back, but still lots of control to navigate cracks in sidewalks, go for the Cali Cruiser
  • Chill weekend sunset vibes, transport or side step practise before your next surf, the Mini Pintail is your friend
  • Bombing downhill, getting close to the pavement and leaning into every turn, the Mini drop-through is for you!

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