If you haven’t gripped your deck yet, follow our “How To: Apply Griptape to a Skateboard Deck” guide before proceeding with this one.

Once you’ve got all of your components collected, start by pushing your deck deck bolts through the gripped-side of the deck and slot your trucks onto the waiting bolts on the underside.
If you’re using risers, these need to go between the deck and the truck baseplate.
Hand-tighten the deck bolts then tighten one after the other with your T-tool or wrench (note: there is some tolerance/give with deck bolt holes & truck mounting holes, tighten one first then make sure the truck baseplate is aligned with the deck before tightening the rest up).
Repeat this for the other truck.

Undo the axle nuts of the trucks - remove the speed washers if your trucks still have ‘em.
Grab your bearings and wheels and 1 by 1 (shield facing out of the wheel) put the bearings onto the truck axle, then push the wheel onto the bearing.
Remove the wheel from the axle and place the second bearing along with the bearing spacer onto the axle, push the wheel over the spacer & bearing to complete the wheel (be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the bearing. If you have access to a bearing press this is the step to use it in).
Repeat process for all wheels.
Once all of your bearings and spacers are installed into their wheels, place your wheels on the truck axles with a speed washer either side then tighten the axle nut until there’s about 1mm lateral movement of the wheel/bearing combo on the axle.

Now you're all set up, it's time to go skate!

Tools needed:

Skate T-tool


- 3/8" wrench for deck bolts
- 1/2" wrench for axle nuts
- 9/16" wrench for kingpin nuts
- #2 Phillips 1/8" Allen

Optional tools

Bearing press
Drill / driver

Components required: