Lifespan of helmets

Your helmet does a great job of protecting your head against brain injury, but it doesn't work the same forever. After a serious crash or after some serious time (5 years or so) it’s important to consider this end-of-life for your current helmet, and get a new one.

When should I replace my skate helmet?

Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, after a serious blow or 5ish years of general use it’s important to replace your skate helmet with a new one. Sweat from prolonged use can affect the foam and serious or multiple blows to the helmet will degrade it to the point it no longer provides the same level of protection that’s needed. Additionally as you or your children grow, it’s important to make sure the helmet fits properly and is in good condition for maximum protection.

Examining your helmet.

If any of the following points apply to your helmet, it’s probably safest to discontinue use and get a new one to keep your head protected;

  • Cracks, scrapes or bumps on the outer shell.
  • Faded outer colour - can indicate it’s been softened by UV exposure.
  • Cracking or ageing of the inner shell.
  • Buckles not clicking together properly.
  • Straps don’t adjust properly / get loose with use.
  • Deteriorating foam inside

How to wear your helmet?

Your helmet should be worn horizontally and flush with your eyebrows, not so it slopes down the back of your head or so it slopes forward and covers your eyes. Following the image below will ensure you’re wearing your helmet correctly and in turn it will be protecting you optimally.
Your helmet should have a snug but not uncomfortable fit with the straps tightened under your chin enough so the helmet cannot shift backwards or come flying off in a slam.

How to measure head circumference

Measure your head circumference horizontally around where your eyebrow/brow ridge sits, you can then see what size helmet you’ll need on our Protective Gear Size Chart.

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