Our Complete Skateboards

Complete Skateboards are delivered pre-built and ready to roll straight away! This is an ideal time for you to find your own skate style, familiarize yourself with places you like to skate and get a first-hand feel of what components would improve your skate experience. Until you have done this a Complete Skateboard might be the ideal choice for you.

If you choose to buy a complete skateboard, you can be sure that all the parts fit perfectly together and that we have put consideration and effort into choosing what parts to put together. When buying a complete setup you will also find it more economic compared to buying all the components separately.

We provide First Push and Progressive Complete Skateboard options perfect for anyone from a beginner to experienced skaters. Our First Push Complete Skateboard is specifically designed for more control and maximum performance to empower new and developing skateboarders. Our Progressive Complete Skateboard has the same classic street shape but made with premium specifications. Designed to support the high impact tricks of a more advanced skateboarder.


Customizing your Complete Skateboard

Almost all separate skateboard components fit together and are easy to replace. We have guides available here at Podium to learn more about different components and how to replace/maintain every part of a skateboard.

As you develop as a skater you will learn more about different components. Eventually replacing separate components of your Complete Skateboard, making comparisons and developing your own taste.

Each component has a specific use, over time you will develop a preference for different brands and products based on personal taste, skate style and quality.

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