There are two construction methods used in making Fallen Footwear, depending on the intended application and wearer there are pros and cons for each. Cupsole construction uses a thicker, more protective sole at the expense of boardfeel, where vulcanized shoes have far greater boardfeel but less durability and padding.

So how do I know which is right for me? There’s no right or wrong answer really, but determining whether cupsole (FLX) or Vulcanized (HDR) would suit your application better is a good start.

If you’re dealing with more high-impact scenarios like stair sets, drops & gaps then the more cushioned cupsole style can go a long way in terms of shock absorption and avoiding a dreaded heel-bruise, whereas if you’re focusing on more technical elements of skateboarding, like learning & nailing those new flip tricks or getting some grind time on ledges & rails, having more boardfeel as featured in the vulcanized construction can give you a greater control over the board.

To help understand Fallen’s range of silhouettes and the construction technology the list below will give you an indication of which models are vulcanized/cupsole.






Bomber C-03


The Easy

Patriot Kids


Patriot Vulc

The Goat

The Fiend


The Loc




Fallen Footwear Tech Icons & Their Meaning:

When shopping for Fallen skate shoes on our site you'll notice different combinations of the icons below, while all of Fallen Footwear's skate shoes are designed and constructed with core skaters in mind you might be looking for specific features


Reinforced rubber on heel to resist heel wear and improve durability.


Flx-ology footwear construction uses a lightweight tapered Eva Midsole, which provides cushioning for the heel area while giving the forefoot maximum board feel, control, and flexibility. This construction is designed to be lightweight and give a similar feel to a vulcanized outsole while providing the comfort and durability of a cupsole.


This icon indicates the relaunch of an original fallen model with the same design, quality, and durability as the previous line.


We are proud to cater to those who follow a vegan lifestyle. When you see this icon this means this product is made out of 100% animal friendly materials.

Impact Foam 2

The insole technology we designed gives you the highest quality standard for all of the shoes in our lineup. The bottom “bee panel” design gives you extra air inside the shoe, making it more breathable and adds much more comfort.


To create a snug form fit, we utilized a wider, softer, elastic tongue strap. This feature adds comfort and support around the instep area of the foot.

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