$149.99 AUD

Construction & Materials

- 8-ply hard rock maple deck w/ dyed veneer
- single press process ensuring consistent concave for more stability.
- Core Bond® resin epoxy glue for increased stiffness and response.
- 180mm heavy duty reverse kingpin trucks, maximum stability.
- 92a high rebound bushings for a more controlled turn
- 70mm wheels 78a durometer to ensure a smooth and fast ride.
- high quality abec 7 bearings + spacers
- professional grade grip tape
- dimensions: 9” width x 36” length, 25” wheelbase

Drop Out of the daily grind and cruise along at your own pace. These 8 Ply Maple longboards are designed for the big escape – open skies wide carves and good times. High-Quality components and Drop Through construction give you a solid ride and keep you low to the ground, providing increased stability and range of motion for a ride as extreme as you want to take it.

Developed by and with our international community of daredevils and adventurers, Rad Board Co. Drop Through Longboards are suitable for kids and adults. Control and balance are enhanced further by the cutaway that allows the inverted trucks to 'drop through'. This ensures you are closer to the ground, increasing a lower centre of gravity and more even weight distribution across the deck. This results in greater stability when skating at higher speeds downhill.