Jeff DeChesare has joined the KFD Skateboards Team and we could not be more stoked!!!

Hailing from Denville NJ, Jeff has built a reputation of hitting crazy street spots with even crazier flip tricks. From triple kickflips, 360 inward heel's and hardflips to 540 double flips, Jeff has put more work into progressing his skateboarding than most over the last decade and there's no sign of him slowing down.

Jeff's been long-time homies with KFD Team Riders Angel, Enzo & Josh so we're naturally very hyped to be rounding out the KFD Family both on and off the board.

We believe these factors make Jeff DeChesare a perfect fit for KFD Skateboards and are mad excited to work with him and support his incredibly unique take on skateboarding.

Check out his intro clip filmed by George Morales (@droppinhammerz) below;

Welcome to the team, brother!

Check out our range of KFD Decks and make sure you follow Jeff DeChesare and KFD Skateboards on Instagram to keep up with whichever mind blowing manoeuvres he's inspired to throw down next;

@jeffdechesare / @kfdskate 

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July 29, 2022