Theraband Tubing With Handles

$55.99 AUD


TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing with Soft Grip Handles are made of natural rubber and are ideal for upper-body exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning.

Available in five colour-coded levels of resistance.

  • Yellow - Thin
  • Red - Medium
  • Green - Heavy
  • Blue - Extra Heavy
  • Black - Special Heavy

The lighter resistance levels (yellow) are good for people in the early stages of rehabilitation. Medium levels of resistance (red and green) are good for those starting a strengthening program, or for increasing muscular endurance. Higher levels of resistance (blue, black) are for more advanced exercisers needing more resistance. Consult with an exercise or healthcare professional to determine which resistance is best for you.

They provide the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use solution.

A detailed instruction guide is provided with the product.