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  • Used to aid post-surgery rehabilitation and increase ROM
  • Progressive resistance accommodates injuries and builds strength
  • Convenient dispenser box for customized band length

THERABAND Non-Latex Resistance Bands
Designed by clinicians, THERABAND Non-Latex Resistance bands can be used to apply positive or negative forces to tone muscles and increase flexibility. These fitness bands are backed by a Trusted Progression™ System that ensures exacting pull-force as users progress up the resistance levels. THERABAND exercise bands are ideal for daily preventative stretches and warmups.

Physical Therapy Use
Any injury, major or minor, demands the best equipment while recovering. These resistance bands allow users to start with light resistance to accommodate healing injuries and work up heavier elastic bands to regain strength. The bands can be used for a variety of full-body exercises to fit into any workout routine.

Recommended for Professional Settings
THERABAND workout bands are designed to meet the intense needs of professional athletes and athletic facilities. They are made without latex, making them safe for every patient and client. The dispenser box allows for easier distribution in the clinic or training room and allows patients to customize their stretch bands for their needs.