TarsoPro Total Ankle Mobility

$196.99 AUD

  • Designed in Australia by Sports Physiotherapists
  • Portable
  • Simple and effective

Introducing the TarsoPro - Designed in Australia by Sports Physiotherapists.

Simple. Effective. Portable. TarsoPro for ankle mobility. Used by athletes, gyms and clinicians.

Multiple ankle joint mobility action
Using a two seatbelt system we get leverage of the talocrural joint lengthening the posterior ankle capsule. Using the handle application we get mobilisation with movement (MWM) of the tibia over the talus. The one stop shop for stiff ankles!

Dorsiflexion is critical for the entire kinetic chain!
It is required to dissipate ground reaction forces, jump maximally, squat deep and run injury free. Stiff ankles a primary cause low back pain in squat and deadlift movements. If you want to perform at your best, you need loose ankles to get yourself moving and remain injury free!

"We have been using the TarsoPro at the Brisbane Roar in our preseason for the 2017/2018 Hyundai A League. It is the best ankle mobility product we have found for the ongoing management of ankle range of movement. Lightweight, compact and easy to use it is one of the first mobility items we pack for away travels."

CHRIS MALLAC | Sports Physiotherapist High Performance Manager of Brisbane Roar FC Rehab Trainer Educator Editor at The Sports Injury Doctor