Sideline Physio Premium Rigid Tape

$15.99 AUD


  • Sold as a single roll
  • Single roll dimensions: 3.8cm x 13.7cm
  • Buy 8 for the tube package
  • Colour: Beige

*All tape sold as single rolls (Carton Quantity = 8 rolls)

You asked for your favourite tape in a more compact package, so here it is! One of our most popular tapes is now available in a convenient eight roll tube.

Sideline Premium Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - A premium quality rigid strapping tape that is extra strong for maximum support, helping to prevent excessive joint movement that causes injury. A strong porous zinc oxide adhesive will ensure the tape remains in place during vigorous activity. Perfect for athletes from all levels of sport wanting to protect themselves from injury. Providing the ultimate in support, Sideline Sports tape is a premium economical alternative to other strapping tapes.

Package: Tube of 8 rolls
3.8cm x 13.7cm
Colour: Beige

About Sideline

Since 1995 Sideline has specialised in premium sports medicine products designed to the exacting specifications of the worlds best. For over twenty-five years, Slideline products have supported leading athletes, teams, clubs, and organisations. Specifically created to suit Australian sporting conditions, sideline products have been competition tested under the toughest conditions. Thanks to it’s constant development, Sideline now produced a wide range of sports strapping tapes, elastic adhesive bandages, underwrap tapes, and professional sports equipment