POW.R Elite Flex LTE Hand Tear EAB

$7.99 AUD

  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Tear-able by hand for quick and easy application
  • Compressive qualities
  • Ideal for strapping over rigid tape for extra support

*All tape sold as single rolls (Box Quantity = 12 rolls)

POW.R Elite Flex LTE is a versatile, flexible and lightweight elastic adhesive bandage. Made from a high quality German woven lengthwise elastic fabric, consisting of Approx. 98.2% cotton and 1.8% elastane. This tape is suitable for providing extra compression and stability around muscles and joints. This tape can be torn by hand for quick application as an overwrap of rigid tape or as an on the field quick treatment to stop blood in a timely manner.
    • Premium hand tearable elastic adhesive bandage
    • Sold as a single roll
    • Single roll dimensions: 2.5cm x 6.9m
    • Buy 12 for box package
    • Colour: Tan

With years of experience in strapping tape, the team behind POW.R have created a range of products for athletes and sports medicine practitioners. POW.R's new range includes Rigid Tapes, Elastic Adhesive Bandages, Hand Tearable EABs, Foam and Underwrapping.

POW.R isn’t some half-baked garage brand; we’ve evolved from decades of experience in fitness equipment and supplies. In consultation with Australia’s best physios, coaches & organisations, we’ve created a range of products that’s heavy on features and light on bullsh*t.