POW.R - Cast Iron Kettlebell

$36.25 AUD

  • Cast iron for extreme durability
  • Colour coded with written weight for quick identification
  • Flat base for stability
  • Thick handle

A kettlebell can provide one of the most comprehensive and versatile workouts. They are effective in improving muscle function, balance, coordination, core strength, and power.

The POW.R cast iron kettlebells are designed with durability in mind, this ensures that the kettlebell is made to withstand as much as you can throw at it. The premium cast iron design with flat base ensures that the kettlebell sits firmly on the floor. The wide colour coded handle makes for easy weight identification.

Commonly used for swings, presses, deadlifts and weighted lunges. Kettlebells can provide a full-body workout.

POW.R cast iron kettlebells are incredibly durable with a large grip handle. They are designed for commercial use but also suitable for home gyms.

Add a kettlebell swing or deadlift to your next workout