Pals Platinum Electrodes

$20.99 AUD

  • Revolutionised neurostimulation electrode performance
  • Conforms to skin and is flexible

PALS patented conductive cloth neurostimulation electrodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal current distribution. PALS electrodes were one of the first product lines which revolutionised neurostimulation electrode performance with the patented stainless steel knit fabric design. The design allows PALS electrodes to maintain flexibility while maximising conformity to any body surface. With the reuseability you can count on the quality you have always trusted.

PALS electrodes enhance patient comfort during stimulation by dispersing current evenly across the electrode while eliminating stinging, edge biting and hot spots. Utilising the patented multi-layer MultiStick hydrogel, PALS provide comfort with every application.

Size: 3.2cm round
Quantity: Pack of 4