OrthoAir Walker Tall

$148.99 AUD

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With 360 degrees of circumferential rigid protection, the OrthoAir Tall controlled ankle motion (CAM) walker provides the ultimate in CAM walker immobilisation. The unique full shell design allows the anterior and posterior injection moulded plastic shells to optimally conform to the variable lower leg volume of the patient. The plastic front shell can be positioned on both the inside and the outside of the back shell depending on the leg size of the patient. The integrated liner inflation system further stabilises the ankle within the rigid housing of the CAM walker by filling leftover space around the ankle with air, while providing extra patient comfort.


  • Moderate to severe stable ankle/foot fractures
  • Post operative stabilisation of the foot/ankle
  • Acute ankle/foot injuries
  • Ankle/foot strains and sprains

Product highlights

  • Full circumferential supportive plastic shells
  • Inflatable, pressure adjustable liner
  • Moveable air inflation button
  • Low profile rocker sole