Orfit Classic Soft

$203.99 AUD

  • 45cm x 60cm
  • Transparent when activated
  • Non-coated material
  • Excellent stretch (1000%) without tearing

Orfit Classic has excellent elastic and adhesive qualities. Its wide product range makes it ideal for all orthosis types. It is excellent as a base for different attachments and has unlimited potential for fabrication of very large to very small orthoses, according to the thickness you select.


  • Transparent when activated
  • Non-coated material
  • Excellent stretch (1000%) without tearing
  • Full elastic memory (100%)
  • Easy to trim edges
  • High stretch "soft version"
How it works and looks
  • Transparency indicates when the material is ready to mould. Allows for proper alignment and visual monitoring over anatomical landmarks
  • Temporary adhesion during orthotic fabrication and reliable permanent bonding by using dry heat. Tackiness helps orthosis stay in place during fabrication. All attachments and outriggers can be adhered easily
  • Very precise moulding conforms to patient anatomy, for example in the hand arches and first web space. Accurate moulding improves correct dispersion of skin pressure
  • Completely remouldable and can be adjusted easily after reheating locally
  • Avoids waste of material
  • Soft version has less resistance to stretch and more drape, while stiff version has increased resistance to stretch and less drape
Recommended applications
  • Unlimited potential for the fabrication of all size splints with extra care and prevention of pressure points. Excellent as a base for different attachments.
  • “Soft” version recommended for: small finger orthoses, thumb orthoses, resting hand orthoses, wrist and wrist/thumb orthoses and circumferential designs.
  • “Stiff” version recommended for: large orthoses, long arm orthoses, AFO’s and fracture and anti-spastic bracing.