BakPhysio - NeckRest by BakBalls

$75.45 AUD


NeckRest enables your patients to self manage their neck pain and cervicogenic headaches safely at home. NeckRest has been designed by a physio for physios to allow patients to maintain the benefits of your treatment.

Australian Olympic Sports Physiotherapist, designer of BakBalls and University post-graduate Sports Physiotherapy lecturer, Mark Alexander, scientifically designed the NeckRest according to Panjabis 3D cervical anatomy research.

The width between NeckRests treatment ridges are identical to the average width between the cervical facet joints and mastoid processes to ensure, when patients lie on the NeckRest, the therapeutic force is applied directly to painful joints and hypertonic upper cervical extensors for maximum relief.

  • Maximum relief
  • Relieves neck pain and headaches