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Morgan natural cork yoga blocks are an ideal prop for both beginners and seasoned yogis. These yoga blocks facilitate many poses giving you stability and improved alignment. These yoga blocks are used to support your back or head and can be propped under your arms and legs during specific yoga poses. Yoga enthusiasts also use these blocks when doing meditation exercises providing a stable place to rest your feet on. The Morgan cork yoga block is the best block you will find with a superior density and a beautifully textured surface for extra grip.

Natural cork yoga blocks are a great alternative to foam or synthetic material yoga blocks. Cork is a natural and eco-friendly material that has antimicrobial properties, thermal insulation, durability, and edge protection. It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Morgan natural cork yoga blocks enable you to breathe easier because of their odourless property.

There are many uses for natural cork yoga blocks, including:

  • Pressure point stimulation increases joint and muscle elasticity
  • Releases pressure and tension in the body
  • Helps you increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Rests actively against the skin which promotes better circulation and blood flow
  • Distributes the weight of your body evenly across the block for a better sitting, standing or lying position

Product features:

  • Size: Approximately 23 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: approx. 700gr each
  • Made of 100 % cork (natural, sustainable and biodegradable)
  • Free of plastics and toxins
  • Hygienic (cork is naturally anti-microbial)
  • Gently contoured edges for comfort
  • Extremely firm and secure