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MORGAN MMA WALL PADS - 100% Australian made

Our 100% Australian made MMA Wall Pads are perfect for dedicated MMA training areas where the full 6-foot height and high-density Australian made foam is required.  These wall pads work very well as barriers to cage training techniques.  Each wall pad is fully assembled, and the ripstop vinyl cover is stapled permanently and securely in place.  The high-quality vinyl cover resists fading and stretching from repeated impact for a long-lasting professional finish.  We can offer cost-effective customisation to fill in the gaps where the standard width panels do not work.  This latter solution makes installation quick and simple and there is no need for costly aluminium channels.

  • The panels are 100% Australian made using 12mm structural plywood backing
  • High-density Australian made 4cm sponge/foam on the front surface
  • Covered in an Australian made a 1200d 2-way rip-proof vinyl surface
  • Measurements:  1.9m x 60cm x 5.2cm
  • Padded surface:  1.8m x 60cm x 4cm

NOTE:  This is a 100% Australian made product and will take approx 3-4 weeks delivery time from when the order is placed

The panels can be easily installed by either:

A. Directly to the wall using Dynabolts. (Dynabolts not supplied)
B. Locking the panels in by using aluminium channels for a professional finish.  (The panels taper on the ends to easily fit into the aluminium channels).  Channels are not included but are available from hardware stores.