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The Morgan Massage Gun has a slick ergonomic design that can be comfortably held at a variety of angles allowing for both a therapist to press into otherwise awkward spots or for athletes to use the massage gun on themselves. The ergonomic silicone handles grips well even without the use of a mould so the gun can be rotated freely.

There are six (6) different speeds that allow for intensity to be customised to you or your patient’s ideal level. A common complaint among inferior models is that the excessive noise generated is distracting or annoying. With the Morgan Massage Gun, a quiet conversation can be comfortably heard even at the highest intensity; the noise is comparable to clippers when having a haircut.

The Massage Gun is the pinnacle in its emerging field of therapeutic vibrating technology. Quieter, more comfortable and with more range than its competitors, the Massage Gun is recommended for health professionals and for elite athletes who will not accept anything less than the best.

Upgrade LCD touch screen for smarter and easier operation.


  • Including 4 different massage head,  meeting various demand.  The maximum speed can reach 4200r/min,  which is higher than other similar products
  • Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation
  • 1-6 speed adjustment, you can choose that you fit
  • 10 minutes intelligent timing guarantees a long life of the machine
  • Super large capacity lithium battery,  2-3 hours work time
  • With over-protection,  overheat protection and other safety protection devices,  safe to use
  • Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue,  rehabilitation after a sports injury,  pain relief during the convalescence period of surgery,  as well as reducing inflammatory reaction


  • Power Charger - Rated input: 100~240V 50/70Hz 1A Battery - Rated Voltage: 24V DC – Type: Li-ion - Capacity: 2400mAh –
  • Maximum speed: 4200r/min
  • Power output: 20W
  • Noise output: 40db +/- 5%
  • Weight: 1.09kg
  • Dimension: 25 x 23cm
  • Package Included: 1 x Massage Gun,  4 x Massage Tips,  1 x Li-ion Battery,  1 x Power Charger,  1 x Product Manual,  1 x Box,  1 x direct Australian power adaptor