$35.04 AUD $47.20

The Brain-Pad 3XS mouth guard is a Tri-Thermoplastic Protective & Performance dual arched mouth guard. Brain-Pad's advanced high-impact gel cube inserts offer a whole new level of lower jaw deceleration and impact absorption. The tapered channel ends replace the need for trimming for desired comfort and custom fit. Augmented front wrap-around bumper along channel sides increases later jaw stability and protection. A new larger, ventilated, and snap-tight case with large handle manufactured with antimicrobial materials deprive germs an environment to thrive. Includes strap for multi-sport use.

  • High Impact gel pad inserts
  • Gel form liner molds firmly to teeth, supporting the entire arch
  • Airflow clench and breath technology enhance breathing
  • 30-second custom fitting
  • Latex Free
  • The preferred mouth guard for high level contact sports