Mediroyal ARX Liga Spring Knee Brace

$131.99 AUD

  • Double spiral stays on each side of the knee
  • Elastic straps for added support
  • Patella pad made from NRX materials

The Mediroyal ARX Liga Spring Knee Brace provides a good and flexible support to the knee. It has double spiral stays on the sides along with two elastic straps. The elastic straps are attached against the spiral stays with hook and loop, making it possible to position the lower strap medially and the upper one laterally to provide a diagonal support over the joint. The patella pad is made from NRX material and provides an effective support. The knee brace has an anatomical design with an integrated friction system over the thigh area to prevent migration during activity. The knee fold has the breathable Neptune material for optimal comfort. The closure over the thigh and calf are made from micro hook and loop.

Mild to moderate instability in the knee joint due to ligament or meniscus injuries.
Patella instability.
Inflammations or osteoarthritis in the knee joint.

  • New ARX material has very good ventilation, is latex free, low weight, good compression and doesn’t absorb moisture
  • New hook and loop closure system provides excellent shear force strength and the lowest closure profile on the market
  • New hinge pockets provide a higher tear strength and a lower profile with a nylon material based on carbon fiber
  • New updated knee hinges are made from the stable and lightweight alloy A6061 that is used in the aircraft industry.
  • New hinge covers provide maximum protection made from Kevlar
  • New friction system made from a thin and elastic thermo-polymer film provides superior anti-migration