Laser Headlamp

$77.41 AUD

*Sold as a single

The Laser Headlamp is a versatile tool with a multitude of clinical applications, making it an invaluable asset in various healthcare settings. Its benefits extend across different domains, including cervical fine motor control, where precise movements are essential for targeted therapy. Additionally, it aids in stabilisation exercises, facilitating patients efforts to improve core strength and balance.

Controlled mobility exercises are also enhanced by the laser headlamp, providing visual cues that help individuals execute movements with greater precision. Furthermore, it supports sensory motor control, assisting in rehabilitation efforts for sensory-related impairments.

The device is also useful for angle reproduction testing and threshold detection of motion, enabling clinicians to assess patients range of motion and responsiveness accurately. Moreover, it contributes to postural training and balance exercises, promoting stability and coordination. Equipped with a chargeable USB adaptor, the laser headlamp offers convenience and portability, ensuring uninterrupted use during clinical sessions.

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  • Chargeable USB adaptor
  • Postural training
  • Balance training
  • Cervical fine motor control
  • Stabilisation exercise
  • Controlled mobility exercise
  • Sensory motor control
  • Angle reproduction testing
  • Threshold to detection of motion