KenKay - Sorbolene Lotion 1L

$38.21 AUD

KenKay Sorbolene Cream is a highly effective moisturising cream made from natural palm based glycerin, purified water, non-ionic emulsifiers and skin protecting oils. Its main function is as a moisturiser and a carrier base, but due to its gentle non-drying and cleansing properties, versatile Sorbolene can also be used as a soap replacement for those skin sensitive to soap.

Why Choose Sorbolene?

Moisture is the aspect of skin care that keeps it soft, smooth and supple. Every day exposure to the elements can lead to drying of the skin. Sorbolene forms a protective film over the skin's surface which acts to slow down moisture loss and create a barrier against environmental factors that cause drying and irritation. Sorbolene is suitable for all skin types and is also an excellent cleanser alternative for people who are sensitive to soap based products which can strip the natural oils from the skin.