Hwato Acupuncture Needle With Guide Tube (100)

$21.99 AUD


Hwato UltraClean are China's finest quality traditional needles. Established 140 years ago, the Hwato factory is the world's oldest, largest and most respected manufacturer of hand-made needles. All stages of production, including the drawing of the stainless steel wire, sharpening and handle manufacturing are done within the factory. Whereas other Chinese factories often out-source these stages of production. Hwato performs every single step of needle manufacturing. Stringent quality control is applied throughout the process, ensuring a consistent, reliable and safe product.

Due to its impressive quality standard, the factory has international certification through various national bodies such as the TGA of Australia, FDA of the USA, TUV Certificate of Germany, and ISO accreditation.

Suzhou takes pride in closely monitoring all stages of manufacture and quality control to meet their exacting standards. Through close consultation with the Chinese medical community the needle tip has been refined to its current double parabola shape, or pine type needle tip. This shape has been consistently shown to provide a smoother, more painless needling experience for both the patient and practitioner. Consistency of the shape of the needle tip is ensured through a stringent polishing and angling production process.