Go-Strap Tennis Elbow Support

$61.73 AUD

The GOSTRAP Tennis Elbow Support includes a patented elastic GOSTRAP where a counterforce is provided in the exact opposite direction to the wrist extensor tensile forces. Rather than providing a counterforce indirectly via friction in immobilised tissue, this support is intended to provide a direct counterforce via an additional support strap. Consequently the "anchor" strap doesnt need to be as tight as usual and the support can be worn comfortably and effectively for long periods if required. The circumferential forearm strap acts as an "anchor".

The elastic GOSTRAP acts as a "tie", and works in concert with the injured tendon and the soft tissue, thereby carrying part of its load and releasing their tension. The simple but effective design provides firm support in a large range of elbow positions using the advantages of the proven "anchor" and "tie" approach. The support is comfortable and flexible, in contrast to the disadvantages of skin irritation and elbow restriction which are the main problems with rigid sports tape.Â