Freeze Sleeve

$83.99 AUD

  • Help speed relief and recovery with this innovative, therapeutic cold/heat sleeve
  • Sleeves can be used interchangeably between arms and legs
  • FULL COVERAGE - Provides 360° of compression coverage, while allowing full range of motion.
  • CLEAN - Specially formulated gel.
  • SIMPLE - Slips on easily, eliminating the need for messy ice bags, cumbersome ice wraps or multi-step products.
  • EFFECTIVE - Supplies 15-20 minutes of cold/heat therapy without the risk of burns or damage to the skin.
  • COMFORTABLE - Super soft and flexible materials allow the Freeze Sleeve to be worn on multiple body parts while providing full mobility.

Freeze Sleeve is trusted by sports professionals globally as the go-to cold therapy sleeve for athletes. Developed by a seasoned group of veterans, including professional cyclists, trainers, and massage therapists, who have a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in endurance sports