Trs Plus Cassette 9-46T E*Spec Black (Fw2Tpa) (Ctn10)

$386.42 AUD


TRS Plus Cassette 9-46t 12spd E*spec Black (FW2TPA-103)

TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassette:

Our 9-46t, 12 speed cassette gives riders 511% range AND less weight by using a shorter chain and a smaller chainring to achieve similar gear ratios to other 12 speed drivetrains. Finally, a smaller chainring and more compact drivetrain increases ground clearance, while still offering more range than SRAM™ Eagle™. 

  • Replaceable aluminum and steel clusters
  • Shorter chain for weight savings vs SRAM™ Eagle™ 12 speed
  • Smaller chainring and derailleur offer more ground clearance
  • 336 grams
  • 9-46t cassette (9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 33, 39, 46)
  • 10 steel cogs, 2 aluminum cogs
  • 511% range
  • Faster shifts in the bigger cogs
  • Updated pinch clamp design avoids proprietary tools
  • XD™ Driver only
  • Compatible with SRAM™ Eagle™ 12 speed drivetrains

?e*thirteen’s TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassettes were originally designed for SRAM™ 12 Speed Eagle™ drivetrain compatibility.

After further investigation into drivetrain compatibility, all of e*thirteen’s TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassettes can also be run with Shimano™ 12 speed XTR™, XT™, and SLX™ drivetrain components if setup instructions are closely followed.

Although e*thirteen 12 Speed TRS Plus Cassettes were developed before these groups were released, they can successfully be run with Shimano 12 speed drivetrains if some simple considerations are taken into account during setup, and chain compatibility is noted and followed. 


1. Proper chain length is CRITICAL to setting up your e*thirteen 12 speed cassette. Follow Shimano's chain length instructions for proper performance. Chain sizing instructions are also contained in the setup guide on e*thirteen’s Support website. Setup instructions, including chain length procedure..

2. Chain selection is very important to proper shift function of both e*thirteen 9-46t and 9-50t 12 speed cassettes. Shimano's new 12 speed chains (CN-9100, etc) were designed to work specifically with Shimano's new 12 speed cassettes, and some chains may cause imperfect shifting with some of e*thirteen’s 12 speed cassettes. Choose a chain according to the compatibility chart below for best performance with e*thirteen cassettes. 

3. Successful setup requires closely following our step-by-step instructions. The spacing used on Shimano’s™ 12 speed cassette is different than that of SRAM™. Because our cassettes were designed around SRAM™ cog spacing, standard drivetrain setup and adjustment may take more time. However, by focusing on the trim adjustment in the largest steel sprocket on both TRS Plus Cassettes, proper shifting can be achieved.

4. B-Limit tuning is CRITICAL to shift performance. As with all 12 speed drivetrains, B Gap or B Limit is critical and e*thirteen’s TRS Plus Cassettes are no exception. The setup markings on the Shimano™ 12s derailleurs are designed for their 51T large sprockets, and thus don't provide a perfect setup for the large sprockets on our 9-46T and 9-50T cassettes. Instructions for proper B-Limit setup are included in the comprehensive guides on our Support Website.


e*thirteen has developed setup instructions and tips, now currently published on the support pages of our website.

e*thirteen also recommends specific derailleurs and chains for use with TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassettes according to the graphics above.

e*thirteen approves the sale of ALL TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassettes for use with Shimano™ 12 speed drivetrains. However, Distributors and Retailers should do their best to inform customers about chain compatibility issues, and point end users to the comprehensive guide on our Support pages