Ritchey Stem Classic Toyon-84D/6D/31.8Mm/60Mm/Al2014/3D Forged/28.6Mm/Laser Logo (31075457001)

$153.92 AUD

The new Ritchey Classic Toyon stem takes its lead from the original, award-winning Ritchey C220 and gives it a more modern shape, a timeless aesthetic and increased stiffness for improved handling and greater responsiveness.

Available exclusively in a 60mm length, the Classic Toyon is the perfect match for the Classic Kyote with its extended backward sweep.

The Classic Toyon retains the clamping surface area of the C220, which creates a more secure interface by wrapping a full 220° over the handlebar. Its bolt forces are aligned with the clamp so that the stem body ‘embraces’ the handlebar – a design which is less prone to damaging lightweight bars and allows for a lighter faceplate and stem body with no sacrifice in strength or stiffness.

Built from life and all that inspires it, the Classic Toyon builds upon the proven and celebrated C220 design with a fresh, squared aesthetic that adds to the overall harmony of modern frame designs – matching its good looks with enhanced confidence and a more lively feel for wherever your rides take you.

Perfect match for the Classic Kyote handlebar
Material: 2014 alloy
Bolts: stainless steel 
Lengths: 60mm
Angle: 84°/6°
Bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Bar clamp width: 44mm
Steerer diameter: 1-1/8" (28.6mm)
Steerer height: 42mm
Weight: 117g (100mm)
Color: high-polish silver