Hd-Series Hellbender Stainless Bearing 1-1/2 Inch (Is52) (52.0Mm) (36/45) Fits Cane Creek Only (Baa1055)

$109.26 AUD $121.99

Cane Creek Headset Spare  HD-Series IS52 (52mm) HELLBENDER Stainless Steel Cartridge Bearing (EACH) (BAA1055) Stainless Steel Headset Bearing for SLAMSET, 110-Series, 70-Series, 40-Series, 10-Series.

Supplied as a single bearing. 36º/45º angle.(36/45Fits 36º races Only

Hellbender is still an excellent choice for its reliability and long-term durability. Where most headset bearings use a plastic or metal bearing retainer to allow for easier factory assembly and even spacing of the ball bearings, the Hellbender uses a full compliment (minus one) design for maximum bearing surface contact, combined with a specially-formulated waterproof grease and precision-machined bearing races. All of the headsets in Cane Creek's product line are designed with interchangeable parts, making these bearings cross-compatible with all their various headset lines.