Dominion A2 Brake Kit Pair, Front & Rear, Stealth Black/Grey

$1,250.34 AUD

Dominion A2 Brake Kit PAIR, Front & Rear, Stealth Black/Grey

Expanding on our award-winning Dominion A4. Our newest brake, Dominion A2, targets Cross Country and Trail riders. Dominion A2 features a two-piston caliper. Dominion A2 includes all the performance from the Dominion A4, utilizing a compact, two-piston caliper. With the SFL option, the Dominion is the ideal brake option for any rider with smaller hands. Hayes product development team set out to design a brake system specifically designed for a smaller ergonomic profile.

Dominion A2 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with our D-Series rotor to manage the heat with less braking noise.

Each set of Dominion brakes include both sintered (metallic) and semi-metallic brake pads in the box.

Tool-Free Reach Adjustment
Flip-Flop Lever Orientation
King Pin Pad Retention
Crosshair Caliper Alignment
Two-Stroke Dual-port bleed system

303g (100cm hose and mount hardware)
DOT 5.1 Fluid
Tool-Free Reach Adjustment
2-Stroke Dual Port Bleed System
Sealed Cartridge Bearings Lever Pivot
180cm Rear Hose Length