Chain Guide Trs Race Sl Composite Compact Single Iscg 05 28-38T Twin Bolt No Bash (Cg2Tra-104) (Ctn20)

$123.12 AUD $136.99

Pic for illutstrative purpose Composite NO BASH TRS RACE Guide - ISCG 05 Mount - 28tooth to 38 tooth chain ring fitment - Composite The TRS RACE (Trail Security) Guide is designed to fill the expanding Enduro and All-Mountain categories. Engineered to take extreme punishment dealt by riders on enduro bikes, they are still light enough to use on XC specific bikes. Completely re-designed for 2015, the TRS RACE guide offers the same world class chain retention in a lighter, stiffer, and far more adjustable design. All polycarbonate parts are now solvent resistant, so they wont get brittle or crack after exposure to lubes and cleaners. The slider has a co-molded soft rubber interior to cut down on noise, and it opens quickly and easily without tools. Primary Uses: All-Mountain, Enduro, XC backplate material mounting ISCG 05 slider adjustable w/ ring size indicator chainring range 28-38t color Composite