Chain Guide Lg1 Gen2 Steel Iscg05 Incl. 34 & 38 Bashguard (Zcg2Lsa-100) (Ctn10)

$156.60 AUD $160.99

E-Thirteen Chain Guide LG1 STEEL ISCG05 incl. 34 & 38 Bashguard (CG2LSA-100) Race day performance at a price that still leaves you some cash for after race refreshments. The LG1 wraps your chain in a steely grip, ensuring bomb-proof chain retention at a price you can commit to. A nickel-chrome plated steel back plate anchors the guide, a carefully tailored polycarbonate slider takes care of the retention duties, and a custom Tech 3 Stealth Idler keeps your chain running smooth and quiet even in the worst conditions. Primary Uses: Hardtail, AM full suspension, DH, Freeride, 4X Shralping