Bottom Assy 110-Series Zerostack 62Mm 1.5In Crown Race Zs62/40 Black (Baa2039K)

$166.99 AUD

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Cane Creek’s engineers were tasked with developing a no-compromise, best-in-class premium headset. With the introduction of our 110-Series, they did just that — choosing optimal materials, engineering the most effective internals and designing the best aesthetics available in a headset.

The 110-Series offers the widest array of configurations available in a premium headset. With the flexibility to purchase complete assemblies or separate Tops and Bottoms, tops are available in either short (9mm) or tall (15mm) stack height bearing covers, the 110-Series offers a premium solution for nearly all straight and tapered configurations on the market today. From Integrated (IS) Tops to External Cup (EC) Conversion Bottoms and everything in between, you can mix and match your headset purchase to best meet your needs.

Cane Creek ensures that whatever your headset requirement, we have a premium solution for you, backed by our NEW 110 Series 100% Lifetime Guarantee 

Cups and Covers - 7075 T-6 Aluminum, Internally contoured and relieved to minimize weight and maximize strength
Covers - Low-friction upper bearing seal completely seals cup from contaminants and is fully captured by the top cover with no loose parts
Crown Race - Dual-Seal crown race provides excellent seal ef?ciency with low friction
Bearings - Premium, sealed stainless-steel HELLBENDER bearings - ZS62 will take a 52mm bearing

All complete Cane Creek headset assemblies (top or bottom) will use a 36x45 degree contact angle bearing.

Warranty - 100% Lifetime Guarantee - Including bearings
Stack Heights  
External Cup (EC) — 16mm top, 12mm bottom
ZeroStack (ZS) — 8mm or 15mm top, 4mm bottom
Integrated (IS) — 9mm or 15mm top, 1mm bottom