Adapter For Hitchkid Trailer Adapter For M10X1 For Rohloff, Enviolo, And All The Metric Bolt-On Hubs (Ada006)

$55.36 AUD $66.99

This adapter threads on to axles with an M10x1.0 thread.

Common hubs with this axle are: Rohloff, Enviolo, Shimano Nexave, SRAM I-Motion, and SRAM Torpedo.

Robert Axle Project’s M10x1.0 adapter for Kid Trailers and Cargo Trailers is designed to allow attachment of any hitch-mounted trailer. These Hitch Adapters fit any trailer that has two wheels and a single point of attachment to the axle. This includes all the two-wheeled child, pet and cargo trailers such as: Thule, Chariot, Burley, Instep, Carry Freedom, and many more.

Share your stoke for cycling with your kids. Simplify your life by allowing quick and secure attachment of your trailer to your best and favourite bike. Enjoy the adventure.