Glasses Pouch

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Glasses Pouch

There’s nothing worse than scratched lenses or droplets clouding your vision.

They can blind you worse than if you weren’t wearing glasses in the first place. But the Glasses Pouch can keep your glasses or sunnies safe from knocks and scratches.

The flexible design of the pouch lacks the bulk and inconvenience of a traditional glasses case, and the main pocket is lined with soft nylon to protect your lenses from scratches. The front pocket is unlined and provides a space to store lens cleaning equipment, or even cash, keys, or a phone.

Lastly, the Pouch’s D-ring lets you attach it to a bag or belt so you don’t have to stress about it getting crushed at the bottom of a bag.


  • Dry touch Australian oilskin to keep the rain out.
  • Main pocket lined with soft nylon to protect your glasses against scratches – safer than a clothing pocket.
  • Second pocket for glasses cleaning equipment, or even cash, keys or phone.
  • Attach it to a bag or belt with the sturdy D-ring to keep it easily accessible.

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