Didgeridoonas - Wallet

$45.49 AUD $55.99

Made from weatherproof Australian oilskin and featuring seven card slots and ID slot and two zipped pockets, this waterproof wallet has room for the big bucks.

Didgeridoonas Wallet

There’s not much you can say about a wallet – it’s a wallet. But this one can fit the big bucks.

It’s a trifold wallet, made of tough, weatherproof, Australian oilskin. It boasts seven card slots, a mesh ID slot, and two zippered pockets – one for notes and one for coins. It fastens with a wide Velcro strip, so even when it’s brimming with dough it can be closed securely.


  • Ruggedly handsome, the weatherproof Australian oilskin keeps your money safe.
  • Plenty of room for cards: seven card slots and an ID slot.
  • Two zipped pockets for coins and notes – it can hold money in all its forms!
  • Wide Velcro strip closure allows the wallet to close even when stuffed full, or be tightened when it’s less full.

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